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Kyocera Default Passwords Command Centre

Kyocera machine passwords: General rules

1. Most machines have a username and password to enter Machine Administrator mode. By default the username and password are identical. They usually consist of the A4 speed of the machine followed by 00. However, there are exceptions where a machine will have the same combination of username and password as the rest of the machines in the same model group.
2. Some machines have a Machine Administrator and an Administrator, who have different permissions. The default username and password for the Administrator is Admin and Admin
3. There are two main variations of the Kyocera Command Center. If your version has Kyocera Command Center RX at the top of the page then you will have a default username of Admin and default password of Admin. If you do not have the RX version there will either be no password or a default password of admin00.

ModelUsernamePassword ModelUsernamePassword
Monochrome   Monochrome  
FS-2100DNAdminAdmin FS-2100DNAdminAdmin
FS-4100DNAdminAdmin FS-4100DNAdminAdmin
FS-4200DNAdminAdmin FS-4200DNAdminAdmin
FS-4300DNAdminAdmin FS-4300DNAdminAdmin
FS-1028MFP admin00 FS-1028MFP28002800
FS-1030MFP admin00 FS-1030MFP30003000
FS-1035MFP admin00 FS-1035MFP35003500
FS-1128MFP admin00 FS-1128MFP28002800
FS-1130MFP admin00 FS-1130MFP30003000
FS-1135MFP admin00 FS-1135MFP35003500
FS-3040MFP admin00 FS-3040MFP40004000
FS-3140MFP admin00 FS-3140MFP40004000
FS-3140MFP+ admin00 FS-3140MFP+40004000
FS-3540MFP admin00 FS-3540MFPAdminAdmin
FS-3640MFP admin00 FS-3640MFPAdminAdmin
FS-6525MFPAdminAdmin FS-6525MFP25002500
FS-6530MFPAdminAdmin FS-6530MFP30003000
KM-2560NothingNothing when default KM-256025002500
KM-3060   KM-306030003000
620when  620 6200
820   820 8200
181default  181 1800
221   221 2200
255 admin00 255AdminAdmin
305 admin00 305AdminAdmin
300i admin00 300i30003000
420i admin00 420i42004200
520iNo Defaultadmin00 520i52005200
3500iAdminAdmin 3500i35003500
4500iAdminAdmin 4500i45004500
5500iAdminAdmin 5500i55005500
6500iAdminAdmin 6500i65006500
8000iAdminAdmin 8000i80008000
FS-C2526MFP admin00 FS-C2526MFPAdminAdmin
FS-C2626MFP admin00 FS-C2626MFPAdminAdmin
205cNothing when defaultadmin00 205cAdminAdmin
255c admin00 255cAdminAdmin
250ci admin00 250ci25002500
300ci admin00 300ci30003000
400ci admin00 400ci40004000
500ci admin00 500ci50005000
552ci admin00 552ci55005500
2550ciAdminAdmin 2550ci25002500
3050ciAdminAdmin 3050ci30003000
3550ciAdminAdmin 3550ci35003500
4550ciAdminAdmin 4550ci45004500
5550ciAdminAdmin 5550ci55005500
6550ciAdminAdmin 6550ci65006500
7550ciAdminAdmin 7550ci80008000
Model No.Default Admin NameDefault Admin PasswordKyocera Command Centre Password
 TASKalfa 18118001800admin00
 TASKalfa 22122002200admin00
 TASKalfa 300i30003000admin00
 TASKalfa 420i42004200admin00
 TASKalfa 520i52005200admin00
 TASKalfa 62062006200admin00
 TASKalfa 82082008200admin00
 TASKalfa 3500i35003500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 4500i45004500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 5500i55005500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 6500i65006500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 8000i80008000Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 250ci25002500admin00
 TASKalfa 300ci30003000admin00
 TASKalfa 400ci40004000admin00
 TASKalfa 500ci50005000admin00
 TASKalfa 552ci55005500admin00
 TASKalfa 2550ci25002500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 3050ci30003000Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 3550ci35003500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 4550ci45004500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 5550ci55005500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 6550ci65006500Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
 TASKalfa 7550ci80008000Admin/Admin
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)
(User name/Password)

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