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Web Hosting | Web Design | Web Search Engine Optimisation
Complete package for a successful Online Business.


Web Hosting Centre

Australian-based Performance cPanel Hosting,  with servers located in Sydney and Brisbane Data Centers, offers a fast and reliable website browsing experience to Australian clients at affordable prices.

Web Design Centre

Web Design Centre

Every business needs a quality website designed and coded to be fast and reliable.
The Web Design Centre team is exactly what you were looking for, offering reliably quality work that impresses you every time.

SEO Centre logo

SEO Centre

The SEO Centre team is Australian-based, offering SEO Services to drive as much organic traffic to your website as possible by creating quality content, optimizing and enhancing your website to perfection.

ARKNET PTY LTD Business IT Services

Web Hosting & Webdesign Australia Wide

Domain Hosting and Website Design
Australian Hosting Servers
We design and SEO Quality Professional Websites

Computing and Backup Servers

Server Rooms, Networking, Workstations
Design Assembly Delivery and Setup
Comprehensive Backup Solutions

Managed IT Services

IT Maintenance and
IT Remote Support outsourcing
Fixed cost IT Managed Support

Looking for Security and Privacy?

Buy a Linux PC from ARKPC.COM.AU

ARKPC Linux Desktop PC

Linux PCs and the Linux operating system offer numerous advantages over traditional computers and operating systems. Firstly, Linux is known for its exceptional security, making it almost immune to viruses and malicious attacks. The ideal choice for those concerned about the safety of their personal information and sensitive data. In addition, Linux is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the look and feel of their operating system to their exact preferences.

Another great advantage of Linux is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike proprietary operating systems, Linux is free and open-source, meaning users can change the code as they see fit. This can help save businesses and individuals a significant amount of money on software licenses and upgrades. Linux also provides users access to a vast library of free and open-source software, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of high-quality software without the associated costs. In addition, Linux is known for its stability and reliability, making it a good choice for businesses and individuals who need a computer they can rely on daily.

Choose ARKPC for your next computer and experience the many advantages of the Linux operating system for yourself. With our powerful and customizable Linux PCs, you can be sure you’re getting the best. Visit our website today to start shopping!