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IT Remote Support Australia

ARKNET PTY LTD offers IT Remote Support Australia-wide assistance when on-site presence is not required. IT Remote Support is a convenient service that can significantly decrease the turn-around time required to solve some IT problems.

Melbourne IT Remote Support

How to Initiate ARKNET Remote Assistance?

1 Click the DOWNLOAD the above banner to download the required software.
2 Click “Open” when a warning message pops up.
3 If any other warning messages appear, you need to ALLOW the software to start.
4 A small window will appear with our logo at the top, and after about 10 seconds, it will generate an ID.
5 Call 03 9095 3903 to get in contact with our technicians.
PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD payments are accepted for this service.

ARKNET Remote Assistance

The solution to your problem could be a phone call away.

We use a professional Remote Access software package to access your computer remotely. Teamviewer application implements high-security standards to ensure the connection is secure and you control access to your computer at all times. The same software is used by some of the world’s largest organizations.

IT Remote Support assistance process is available Australia-wide and requires that you initiate a request by downloading and running a small application that gives us permission to connect to your computer. It is not possible to connect to your computer without your express permission or without your knowledge. You will always know when someone is accessing your computer.

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